Gaia Game Studios, LLC

Makers of A² the big book based board game

100 N. Wilkes-Barre Blvd (Ste 130)

Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18702


This project is a collaborated effort between three individuals striving for the same thing in life…the Truth!

We have suffered, but together we have found the solution & have devoted our lives to helping others do the same. Sam met Andrew in 2007 & Jeff in 2008. At that time these 3 were all still on separate paths, but headed in the same general direction. Then in the summer of 2016 Sam brought this collaboration together when he introduced Andrew & Jeff in an attempt to create a board game that would also serve as a powerful recovery tool. Sam brought the idea & a strong background in sales, as well as recovery… Andrew his graphic arts & illustration abilities, not to mention really sharpening his web design skills… & Jeff added his passion for helping people through his writing & knowledge of 12 step recovery. This coming together of talent, drive & the overwhelming desire to help others, has forged a powerful weapon in combating alcoholism/addiction.

We are here to help… we are here to teach & to learn… we are here for you & with you… so join us on our common journey!

Because in the eye of the storm we have found the heart of the solution!

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Creator Bio’s


Samuel Sprow, owner of Solid Bedrock Recovery Houses; co-owner of Gaia Game Studious; co-creator of A2 the board game; 13 years of continuous sobriety; YPR Luzerne County Board Member; locally known & respected AA speaker.

Andrew Gaia, creator & co-owner of Gaia Game Studios; masters degree in illustration & graphic design; 10 years in recovery; well known & respected member of the graphic arts & gaming community; co-creator of A2 the board game; author & creator of Bio-logic the board game, launched on Kickstarter.

Jeff Brown, published author of Inspiration with Explanation, 365 Life-changing Goals; team member at Gaia Game Studios; co-creator of A2 the board game; 13 years of continuous sobriety; locally known & respected in the AA community for traveling Big Book Workshops.