It’s Official… A2 Is Ready To Launch!

It’s Time To Launch!

Join us as we launch this project, and open this site up to the public for the purchase of A2 the Big Book Based Board Game. We invite you to participate in our pre-order event. Show your support and be among the first to own this one of a kind item. There is nothing else out there like this… and we can’t wait to share it with you!


Click here to order A2

The first 1,200 games are available for purchase at a discounted rate to get the ball rolling, but our real goal is to hit the 3,000-game mark which will concrete this lower price in place moving forward, and truly launch this game. In other words, your order could be helping to keep this affordable for the next person.

This game is about recovery, but it is for everyone. We are all affected by addiction in one way or another, and that is why we have designed this game so that it can be enjoyed by everyone… in recovery or not. Come… join us, and be a part of something powerful!


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