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Welcome to A2… a Crowdfunding project (info) started with you in mind. We created A2 to make a difference… to breathe new life into the world… to encourage people to have fun, and live fuller lives. We want these things for everyone, whether in recovery or not…

What we need now, is for you to pledge with us, supporting the creation of A2:The 12 Step Based Board Game. These pledges all go towards our first manufacturer purchase order. For every pledge you put forth below, you effectively pre-order 1 copy of this highly anticipated recovery game, including all components listed inline with the images. We have taken every step to make sure that you get the highest quality game for your contribution, using premium designs at every turn. If you navigate the site you will find everything you need to understand A², an Instructional Video (Click Here), how its played, key mechanics within the game, how it helps, as well as the reviews we have been getting for it. A2 is not only designed to help make lives better, but it is designed to last a lifetime as well.

*All with a 100% money back guarantee.

A2 is about discovering the truth and sharing that truth with others! If you are ready to put your heart into a project that can really make a difference, then pledge for your copy below. This introductory pricing may not be available forever. However, if we hit 1,200 pledges we can make it happen. So help us, help others and lets all launch A2 into the world together!

 More information about A2 in the description section below.

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A2… How It Works

A2 is more than just a game, it takes the most important aspects of recovery and presents them in a new entertaining and empowering light.

For far too long, people that don’t fully understand addiction have been trying to guide us. Though some of their efforts have been valiant… we believe that no one can help an addict better than another addict that has found the solution. Join us, because together we can survive & help each other… we can live & learn together… we can grow & begin to enjoy life again!

How We Play!

The simplest way to learn A2 is to watch our game-play video below.

We cover the basics, including the 12 steps, sharing, discussions, trivia, treatment, movement, strategy and everything else that makes A2 fun.

Download the Prototype Instructions here

Core Feature Breakdown


Grab up to 7 of your friends and get ready to see who really knows their stuff. A2 is about connecting with people, having fun, and strengthening yourself through helping others. It’s also about making mistakes, learning from them and being able to laugh at yourself as you apply the solution. Through the various resources found in A2 players will challenge what they thought they knew about their program; step work, sharing, meetings, relapse, sponsorship and more. And it will all be done, sitting along side your most trusted allies. It’s about true unity through fellowship.






Once the game setup is complete… the knowledge begins! As we navigate the board together, with the universal game piece, we are presented several opportunities to test our knowledge through fact based questions. We dive into the 12 steps, the history behind them, and the sponsor/sponsee relationship, gaining a better understanding as we do so. These questions and prompts were carefully designed to not only shed light on what you might think the most obvious answers are, but will also separate the truth from commonly misused phrases and statements. This gives you the real life tools to handle any situation, and the added benefit of pointing you directly to the resources that support it, your Higher Power and your program of recovery. A2 will help you to educate yourself with over 120 sincere, honest, and often humorous multiple choice questions



But life is more than just facts. We also offer opportunities to explore ourselves & our minds by sharing experience, strength & hope with each other. More often than not, people are not all that confident when sharing in public, even more so, for the recovering addict. However, we developed several ways of pulling that courage out of you through our custom game mechanics. We eliminate your inner judge who tells you “you have nothing good to say” or “people will think low of me if I share something stupid”, and instead, guide you to open your heart and mouth in ways you never thought you could. Provoking topics are selected when players choose between our specialized playing cards or our custom topic dice, easing us into our new confident selves. Players will also, find & unfold your own beliefs with the aid of our uniquely inspired Higher Power cards. Find your confidence while sharing in an environment built for comfort, then step into the world ready to speak with a new sense of value to your words.







Their is a competitive spirit within A2 and as such…players aim to collect rewards to out score their opponents and win the game. Every space on the board could either earn you victory or lead you into defeat. The obstacles in life can weigh us down with so much fear and apprehension, but by simplifying and restructuring common challenges and questions in life, we take the pressure out of recovery and the results are often very illuminating. Through this friendly competition, hearts open and ideas really begin spark. It’s the very reason the response to A2 has been so positive. But don’t be surprised if you reach the end of the game in last place, if you take big chances. However, the rewards you gain in real life will far outweigh any game achievement, no matter where you place. So pile up those rewards… enjoy spending time with your friends… and have some fun!



The support group and treatment sections of the game are where individual strategy really comes into play. Players can utilize their support group for help, but it comes at a price. Their are several chips that a player receives at the start of the game, that once used… can’t be replaced. Each player must decide just when to use those chips and what they are willing to risk to keep them. It’s that double edged sword we foolishly like to juggle… don’t use your support group and end up in treatment, or use them all up, lowering your final tally. So employ the strategy that you believe gives you the best chance to win, then aim for the stars. Be prepared… and win A!





If you are looking for the truth… you will find it in this game and walk away feeling accomplished. A2 will teach you about your program in a way that is relaxed and easy, but also deep and clear. A2 was not made to replace or sidestep your plans of recovery, but to be used as a tool to support what you already know. Its easy to learn when you are having fun, and who doesn’t enjoy a little variety in their lives? After playing A2, you can take what you have learned and put it into practice, then help others do the same. We know that A2 can work with your program to cultivate a new and powerful outlook on life that will uplift everyone who gets the pleasure of meeting the new you. Factual, practical, powerful and fun… Let A2 lift you up and lead us all to better things!



Crowdfunding Info

In order to better serve you, we believe wholeheartedly in transparency. And while many of you may be familiar with crowdfunding campaigns, we wanted to clarify what it is, for those who aren’t. Basically Sam, Jeff and Andrew have worked from their own pockets and efforts for the past 2 years to develop a game that will change peoples lives for the better. We have taken the first steps towards something great by collectively using our individual talents, faith, and our strong belief in this project. But it is you, our fellows, that will allow A² to help, what we hope will be, millions.

This is where crowdfunding comes into play. The last step, is using this campaign to collect enough pre-orders / pledges so that we can manufacture and distribute A² to all our supporters and future members of recovery. Every penny from this campaign goes to: 1st the manufacturer to produce the game, 2nd freight and logistics to get the game to our distribution center, 3rd packing and shipping to you our supporters, and 4th added taxes, fees, customs and all other legal and financial responsibilities. With your support, this crowdfunding campaign can, and will, save countless lives. Not only by helping new people ease into the world of recovery, but by helping those in recovery lead fuller richer lives. But we must reach our goal of 1,200 orders before we can do any of that.

So, when do we get the game? That is entirely up to you. As soon as the order numbers are met we will initiate the finalization and purchase the print order. Then immediately ship the products to our supporters. This can happen in a single day if we really push, but can take several months. Of course we all want to be playing faster so get out there, share the word on our campaign and lets make it happen!




Helping Others

Most importantly we need to manufacture enough copies of A2 so that the price remains feasible for all members of recovery, including those who just found their way in the door. At our current numbers, we are looking at a nearly $60 MSRP, and that will simply not do. So we called in favors, pulled all our resources and crunched those numbers to get us to the lowest point possible, without having to manufacture an unrealistic amount. So we managed to get this price down to $39.99 as long as we can get enough support from the community to make the order.

However, it gets even better from here. Your support will not only keep the price low enough for those with less, it will create opportunities for those within the program to acquire gainful work. Much like many 12 step programs, we want to have everything we do benefit those in recovery. So we will be hiring members in recovery, as much as is needed, to fulfill these orders. So the more of you that spread the word and help make A2 grow, the more people will be able to improve their lives. Every part of A2 is about helping people, and we want you to share in that too.

A2 was built using the principles of recovery… the campaign was established to achieve unity… and seeing this through, in an attempt to help others, is an opportunity for service.

* 100% money back guarantee: Pledges/Pre-Orders will be processed at the time of the initial pledge and funds will be held until completion of the campaign (time out – founders day next year, or success).  Then and only them will the money be used. If by some chance you change your mind or we do not reach our goal, we will provide you with your money back. Refunds begin processing the instant the campaign ends or when the refund is requested (note: refunds times are based on banking policy). We do this all together or not at all!

Click below to view our official campaign policy and privacy statement:

But in short…we wont use anything you give us without your permission.

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