Q & A

Welcome to the A2 Q&A section. We will be periodically updating this page to reflect common questions or insights brought to us by our audience. If at any point you have any other questions or concerns that may benefit others feel free to write info@recoveryfor.life . Thank you so much, and have a great day.

Q 1: When can I order A2?

A 1: The Campaign is open NOW, so go ahead and order :).

Q 1: I am interested in testing or helping out, can I contact you guys?

A 1: Absolutely, just write a message to info@recoveryfor.life with the subject A2: Volunteers.

Q 1: Can anyone play A2?

A 1: Yes, A2 was not designed to apply solely to one group. It can be played and offer its benefits to members in any program, or outside outside of one. It will help newcomers, experienced members, those confused about addiction, family members, rehab facilities, mental health professionals and anyone who wants more resources to deal with the challenges of life that can trick us into helplessness.

Q 1: When does the campaign for A2 end?

A 1: We are hoping to have the initial 1200 pledges in by New Year 2018, however orders will still be processed and added even after the goal is reached.  If our goal is not met, we will shut down the campaign June 10th 2018.

Q 1: What happens to the campaign when you reach 1200 pledges?

A 1: We left the campaign open ended to allow our higher goals to be reached while working out the details with the manufacturer and distributors. So the campaign will continue on past the time of our initial goal. We will update the systems to our next goal, employing more members of recovery, roughly 1600 orders. But the first order will be placed and delivered in the meantime.

Q 1: When will we get our copy of A2?

A 1: Once our initial goal is met we will be forwarding the final materials over to our manufacturer. They will take roughly a month to setup, print and package the first order, pending sample approvals. Then it is a matter of waiting for the items to be delivered from the manufacturer to our distribution facility. And finally from our distribution to your door. If all goes smoothly, A2 should be at your door around 90 days from the initial order.